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Are you happy ? Please share by fill in this questionnaire 
Number of people answered 452 35
Average Good Life Index 7.3 8.7
Average Happiness Index 7.3 8.0
Valia Carvalho
Culture manager
Where do you live
Berlin, Germany
Can't live without
internet, films, my family and friends, and my dog
Spending on...
Food / month
USD 500
Minimum cost / meal
Happy with your food?
Rent, mortgage / month
Just a little - not worried
Utility bill / month
USD 130
Commuting, gas / month
USD 70
Mobile phone bill / month
USD 20
Clothes & accessories / month
USD 100
Last spending
USD  100  on new pots and soil for my plants
Last bought luxury
USD  73  on an acupuncture session
Debt/Credit Card Debt
films, books, good food, swimming in a lake
Addiction Cost
swimming in a lake doesn´t cost a thing, for the others around 60 USD
Are you living a good life? 10/10
Are you happy? 10/10
What will make you more happy?
I am quite happy, but I think at some point I would like to live at the seaside